5 great tips for creating a great presentation!

1. Know your point. You must be able to narrow the focus of your message down to one sentence or at the most two. Write that down on the back of a business card or post-it and keep that in front of you as you prepare.
2. Know your audience. It doesn’t matter what matters to you unless you express it in ways that make it matter to your audience, which means you must know them or have researched them well enough to tailor your message to their needs.
3. Make it valuable. Whether you are speaking to inspire, instruct, persuade or entertain, your message must have value. Indulge your audience, not yourself.
4. Prepare. If it’s important enough for you to say and important enough for your audience to spend their time and money listening to you, do yourself, your point and your audience to great service or preparing properly.
5. Have the right attitude. Confidence without complacency or arrogance. Engage with your audience and share your message. Nerves are normal and ok and the bigger or more important the occasion, the more nervous or anxious you’ll be. But it’s not about you. It’s about your message and you are just the bridge between your message and your audience. Be a strong, confident and effective bridge and your message will work.